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 A MUSt!

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Antal inlägg : 21
Age : 30
Registration date : 08-01-12

InläggRubrik: A MUSt!   ons jan 30, 2008 4:26 pm

Abit info for new players..

* You must be able to come on raids and stay to 23:00
* You must Have access to Ventrilo if you wanne raid.
* We expect you to have all consumables which can boost ur class in any ways.
* Members have prio over trials..

DUring a trial period!

* You must be active!
* Have patience
* Be helpful on everyway possible.
* never go do any pug groups with anyone without talking with a council / class mentor first!
* The trial period will be around 2 Weeks
* We expect you to be Pve speced. and you must be able to specc whatever specc we want you to be!

***Mess with the best and die like the rest***
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